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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 31, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. after 10 months, the violence in syria, can western leaders convince russia to sign on to an arab league peace plan? >> as more citizens take up arms to resist the regime's brutality, violence is increasingly likely to spiral out of control. >> fighting it out in florida. mitt romney and newt gingrich pullout all the stops in hopes of winning the biggest republican prize yet. and their goal was to grow into the record books. instead, this crew fell 500 miles short of their trans- atlantic journey. we will have their harrowing tale.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. western allies have brought in some of their heaviest hitters to the united nations to demand that action be taken against syria. after 10 months of the deadly crackdown, more than 5400 people have been killed, and now, the assad regime is coming under increasing pressure, but will the security council be able to overcome raises resistance to sign on to the draft? >> syria's anguish has come to the streets of new york and to the united nations. syrian exiles, including victims of the assad regime, are demanding united nations support. it seeks to strip president assad of power within two months.
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william hague is one of the key foreign ministers who have come to new york to back arab league ministers. he deliberately stresses that it is the arab world, not the west, leading demand for change. >> we are underlining that thousands of people are dying, that we want a way forward in this crisis, and the arab league are here today presenting a way forward. >> the arab league is urging the security council to unite and endorsed their peace plan. catarrh -- qatar's prime minister says the syrian regime 's only solution is to kill its own people, and says the killing regime is still at work, but russia insists the united nations wants to open the way to outside intervention and threatened to veto the agreement. the wording most council members support condemns the regime's use of what they call gross violations of human rights including murder, sexual violence, and torture, including
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against children. the resolution also backed arab league demands for president assad to turn over his power within two months, hand over to a national unity government and open the way to free and fair elections in syria. >> the evidence is clear that assad forces are initiating nearly all the attacks that killed civilians. but as more citizens take up arms to resist the regime poses brutality, violence is increasingly likely to spiral out of control -- as more citizens take up arms to resist the regime's brutality. >> for 10 months, they have been spreading, despite years irregularly firing into crowds. least 5400 people are believed dead, including some security forces. other states in the arab league have turned against president assad.
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>> the international community acted in libya, and we would never allow the security council to authorize anything similar to what was done in libya. >> these syrians insist the arab plan is not live be a part two, but there is no talk of outside military intervention, said days of running negotiations with russia at the united nations lie ahead, but if russia does dig in, veto again, and accept isolation, that will block a clear message to president assad from the united nations. >> for more on today's action in new york, i spoke a short time ago to john negroponte, who formerly served as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. russia has almost written to veto the resolution of the 10 months and after 5500 people dead. where does this leave the united nations? >> well, where does it leave the whole process?
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i think it gives mr. bashar hope that he can out with the international community. with the group i think is trying to accomplish is to gain international support for its plan, which i think is a sensible plan, but as long as russia holds out, it gives mr. bashar the feeling he has got some breathing room, and he will not be under the kind of concerted pressure from the international bond community that the regime deserves. bamut is legitimacy of united nations at stake here? >> i did not think it is the united nations that is at stake. i think it is the regime of bashar al assad is at stake. i think what the international community is trying to accomplish is a way to make it a political transition to resolve this question with a minimal reference to the use of force. nobody is talking about nato
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forces going in or external intervention. in fact, i think what the qatari prime minister said was that that could be counterproductive. leave it to the arabs to solve the problem, but in order to do that, they want the entire engine national community to get behind them. >> even if a resolution is passed, will president assad actually care? >> well, it is the best chance. as you said early on, the pressure has been mounting. there are economic sanctions, disapproval of his fellow arab countries. now, if the greater powers align themselves also against the way he is behaving, perhaps the message will get through, but i think your point is taken in the sense that he has been hanging on stubbornly, and at the moment, at least, what it looks like is that he is preparing himself to continue this resistance indefinitely.
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>> and that is the question -- how long? >> more people will die, and the tragedy will continue. the regrettable part is that the violence is likely to intensify , and success of solutions might turn out to be a little more polarized than they would be if we could see some kind of satisfactory negotiated outcome in the near term -- the short term. >> everybody seems to say that military action is ruled out for the time being, but can this actually be resolved through diplomacy? again, after 10 months, nothing seems to be making any difference. >> well, he is certainly losing the support of his people. the revolt against him has spread throughout the country. it is much more generalized then it was. i am not sure there will be external intervention, but as this continues, i think there is a greater chance he will be overthrown by his own people. >> ambassador, thank you very
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much for joining us. in other news now, reports from yemen say unman american planes killed at least 13 al qaeda militants. local tribal leaders said one of the dead is wanted by the u.s. in connection with the attacks on an american destroyer in 2000. the british financier who is in charge of the world bank of scotland when it almost went bankrupt has been stripped of his knighthood. queen elizabeth removed the honor following advice from senior officials. under his leadership, are be as needed a $60 billion bailout. the underwater search for the 15 people still missing on board the costa concordia has been called up. divers say it has become too risky, but they will continue searching the sections of the ship that are above the surface. and russia's space agency has planned cosmic radiation for the
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failure of its mars' moon probe, which crashed to earth earlier this month. the unmanned probe was launched in november in an ambitious mission to collect ground samples. now to afghanistan with the bbc has obtained a copy of a secret nato report that concludes that the taliban remain defiant, that they are being helped by pakistan, and have widespread support among the afghan people. our correspondent gave us this assessment from kabul. >> it is marked secret on every page, and for good reason. it comes from 27,000 interviews with members of the taliban, members of al qaeda, and other insurgents. it says that pakistan is actively supporting the taliban. pakistan knows the location of
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senior leaders of the insurgency and in some cases, leaders of the taliban are living next door to the pakistani security services. it also says that the taliban have adopted a tactic that they lessen their violence in some areas and return and when they do, they are more popular than the afghan government, was widely viewed as being corrupt. finally, the entire mission in afghanistan rests on the hope that eventually, the afghan army will be properly trained and able to take the land back. this report says the afghan security forces are collaborating with the taliban and in some cases, they are even donating their vehicles, and members of the afghan government are crossing over to the television side. we ask nato about the report.
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they said it is confidential and refused to comment. >> in florida, we are just a short time away from knowing who the voters of that pivotal state have picked to take on president obama in november. the leading contenders -- mitt romney and newt gingrich -- have been battling it out, and the attacks have become quite fierce from charges of dishonesty to personal attacks over business dealings. it proves nothing is now out of bounds. our north american editor has been following it all from miami and files this report. >> a jumble of opulence. behind the outcome of the home of naomi campbell's boyfriend. boat looks modest by comparison. republicans in particular celebrate capitalism, and how
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mitt romney made his millions has become an issue. newt gingrich suggests it was by getting failing companies for profit. >> people who go in the leverage the game, bar the money, leave the debt behind, and walked out with all the profits. >> do not attack the private sector. do not attack risk takers. am i think it is exploitive and is not defensible. >> do not attack profit. profit is what allows businesses to hire people and grow. >> some republicans are horrified to see capitalism on trial. this bank president says the american way is accepting there are winners and losers. >> the foundation of this country is a free market system, a system where you want to attempt to earn as much as you can within the legal bounds of the system and, for god's sakes, most people want to be mitt romney, earning in excess of $20 million a year, paying all of his taxes, making the contribution. >> like looks sweet to the sunshine state, but the outlook
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is far from sunny for many. high unemployment and in dire economy, the reality often fall short of the dream. >> this man says the gap is getting wider and wider. >> they got millions. it is not a million dollar world anymore. it is a trillion dollar world. i'm nobody. i'm down here at the bottom. struggling for my money. >> the housing market is at the root of it all. for 60 years, florida grew as wildly as a tropical vegetation. then came the crash. a huge number of homes are still repossessed. prices have plummeted. this estate agent is a supporter of newt gingrich and feels his men articulates the hurt he sees every day. >> it is devastating when the asset that is probably of most value to you, you have lost in the blink of an eye, you could say. very difficult to deal with with
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yourself, with your children. >> there is an ocean of anger in america, aimed maybe not at the rich, but at the leak and unfairness, fuelled by wall street and the tea party movement. it gingrich may not benefit from that tonight, but whatever politician taps into that reservoir of resentment will have found a powerful source. >> regardless of what happens in florida, new gingrich said today he is ready to continue his campaign for another six to eight months. for more on where the contest goes next, let's go to paul adams. you have been out and about in the field, can missing people in these primaries. what are they making of it, and how damaging could this protracted fight continue? >> it depends on who you talk to. your average republican primary or caucus goer is pretty dismayed by some of this. the role of calls, the blanket
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advertising, and the spectacle of the candidates tearing chunks out of each other. tea party supporters, those who cannot bring themselves at this point to get behind mitt romney, are looking for somebody else to lead the party. they are happier for this to go one a bit longer. they hope that someone else will gain momentum and whatever emerges at the end of the process will be a tough candidate able to take on barack obama. that is overwhelmingly what this is about. for all the energy that may be behind some of these candidates, i think what i have ticked up most wherever i have gone is the sheer vehemence of the opposition to president obama. that is the energy driving all of this. >> there is also the argument that the longer the debate continues, the better the candidates become, and this certainly seems to be the case with mitt romney. >> somebody must've put somebody -- something in his teeth. we were wondering in south carolina why he was so unable to answer is simple question about his tax. he could not afford to make
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those mistakes. something about the dynamics of the debate was different. suddenly, mitt romney appeared to be comfortable talking about his wealth. after all those clunky moments and all those things which sort of jargon, summit seemed to have whispered in his ear, "it is ok to talk about how well the you are. get to work." them and staying with the theme, this primaries are costing a fortune. the super pac's with money coming out of their ears, it seems. is it going to be an indicator of how much money will be spent in the actual election? then the europeans, i think, have always found this a slightly unseemly spectacle. it doesn't 5, the british election from start to finish, all costs came to about $130 million. newt gingrich and mitt romney and their supporters in florida alone in the past couple of weeks have spent something in the region of $20 million. i mean, it is a staggering
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comparison. i did not think people unnecessarily aware outside the u.s. is the impact of the citizens united ruling by the supreme court, but there is an understanding that money in america buys power, and clearly, there is a certain amount of evidence to support that theory. >> what are you making of all of this? >> enjoying it, i suppose. so far, the democratic party have only put out ads against mitt romney, suggesting that he is the candidate they fear most. >> thanks very much. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, the two sides of sao paulo. with brazil's economy booming, the super rich are riding high, but not everyone is invited to the party. now, the comments britain's prince harry has made about the relationship between his grandmother and the duke of edinburgh. >> when the queen came to the
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throne, it was the duke of edinburgh who was the first pledged his allegiance immediately after her coronation. since then, they have more or less been inseparable, and on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary, the queen even spoke publicly about how important the duke is to her. >> he is someone who does not take easily to compliments, but he has quite simply been my strength and say all these years. >> reflecting on his grandparents bond,? harry, quoted in an article, said, cassette and regardless of whether my grandfather seems to be doing his own thing, of wandering off like a fish down the river, the fact that he is there, personally, i do not think she could do it without him, especially when they are both at this age." prince harry was speaking before the prince of edinburgh's health scare that christmas, saying he was simply paying tribute to prince philip, not speculating how the queen might fare without
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him. >> i think what prince harry was really saying is that they do a lot of that great age. i think he was impressed by how much they do. >> the prince also pays tribute to the queen's devotion to duty, saying, "beside the things that at her age, she should not be doing, yet, she is carrying on and doing them." his brother, the duke of cambridge, also reflects on their grandmother saying, "i think she does not care for celebrity and she really minds about having privacy in general." the success of the queen's reign is attributed in no small part to the duke of edinburgh. his unwavering support and presence beside her majesty over the last 60 years has enabled her to concentrate on her duty to the nation. >> from the u.s. election to the economic crisis playing out in europe, the word inequality is still -- certainly getting a
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work of these days. across the globe, there's a sense the rich are getting richer while others are being left behind. in brazil, million four brought out of poverty, yet, those in the upper echelons have achieved even greater wealth as well. >> the life of the super rich in one of the most unequal societies on earth. it is a reality tv show in brazil. this is one of 5 million air ladies who lead their lives on national television. she was born rich and added a few millions to the family fortune working as an interior designer to fellow millionaires. a decade ago, they were afraid of what would happen as brazil lean left. well, they got richer. >> the upper class's was very
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concerned about the money, but the rich people continue rich, and the poor people are getting a little more money. >> there is a fast expanding market of goods and services like avoiding traffic jams. for these problems, the best solution is going up. >> sao paulo has a fleet of 400 helicopters. these new clients are coming in, and the old ones are flying more. >> some customers started flying a lot, and by his own helicopter. >> flying across three times the country goes a minimal way -- a monthly minimum wage, and looking down, the neighboring
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high luxury flats are stark reminders of the social split that marks this country. in spite of the rise in living standards over the past decade. >> brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world. we still have a long way to go. >> the course of blood is not usually the place to find rich brazilians. economy may be good for the rich and the four, but it south and lower ends are worlds apart. >> it really is a world away, and from the super rich to super
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adventuress, it cited an as an audacious attempt sailed across the atlantic in a month, but in the end, it proved too much. the team of british rulers did disaster. phillip thomas has the story. >> their challenge was to row across the atlantic in less than 30 days, what they call the four-minute mile of ocean rolling. team member mark beaumont talked to the bbc about the mission while training in the arctic last year. >> the big prize would be to be the first vote across the mid- atlantic and less than 30 days. and then they headed west from morocco to the caribbean island of barbados when the vote capsized. they still had 520 miles to go. the men were experienced athletes pursuing a dream, but their last online posting described a struggle to grow at night against swells from every
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direction. after losing the vessel, the captain told me they drifted for 14 hours. then i tell me what struck you. >> the overwhelming feeling was relief. we had gone through a traumatic event. then the mother of crewmember simon brown says now she can relax. >> about 3:00 this morning, i just hope they had been picked up by a cargo ship. i had not slept since he left actually. >> the six are being taken to drop her. they tried to make history. they were lucky to survive. >> that makes me want to stay firmly at home, but continuing with the water theme, it took 5
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miles a ski votes more than 140 people, and a whole lot of skills to pull off this next feet -- it was a world record attempt at the highest number of water skiers to be pulled behind one vote in australia. all of them remained upright for a full nautical mile. the guinness book of records is expected to recognize the new record within the next few months. good for them. that brings today show to a close, but remember, you can find constant updates on our website. to see what we're working on at any time, make sure to check out our facebook page. for all of us at "bbc world news america," thank you for watching and please tune in tomorrow.
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